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My husband and I just bought a new home. With a new home comes lots of home projects, so we look for ways to save money. The best way to save a few bucks that I have found is with Groupon Coupon! What is Groupon Coupon? Groupon Coupon brings you the most current coupons from all of your favorite stores! So, when your daughter needs new shoes and jeans every month for her growth spurt check Groupon Coupon first!

Groupon Coupon, deals, dates, money, saved

When I need to shop, I check Groupon Coupon to make sure that I have the latest coupons. With all of the money that I save with the coupons, I can plan bi-weekly dates with my husband. Of course, I check Groupon first when selecting a restaurant or a night on the town. These dates with my husband are so important to me so we can have adult conversations without little ears listening to what we’re discussing.

Thanks, to all of the great deals my family has been able to travel more frequently, attend concerts, and try new places to eat. I can’t tell you what this means to us. As a child, my parents could rarely afford to take us anywhere. My girls have been incredibly blessed due to all of the great deals that I find. How many kids have a passport at three-years-old? Heck, I was in my thirties when I received my passport.

So, check Groupon Coupon for the latest money saving deals! Don’t forget to browse Groupon for fun things to do at a great discount. Your family will thank you for your mad money saving skills! I know mine does!

What is your favorite Groupon Coupon that you’ve found? What are some deals that you have enjoyed from Groupon?


“Full House” Sequel Set for Netflix in 2016

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I grew up loving the show “Full House”. Of course, Uncle Jessie was my favorite character on the show. He was the ultra cool, uncle, that had a wonderful singing voice. Each week brought a good wholesome topic, that your family could learn from. I’m going to sound like an old lady when I say this, but you don’t see these kind of shows anymore. My girls watch reruns of “Full House” on Nickelodeon. My daughters love the twins.

I recently learned that Netflix is making a 13-episode sequel in 2016. We are a Netflix family, and couldn’t be happier that this great show is going feature their sequel on Netflix.

“Fuller House” is going to feature DJ and her kids. She is now a widowed mom of two kids, and expecting another child. Her best friend Kimmy, moves in to help her raise her children. Some of the original cast members will make an appearance on the sequel.

We will have to wait and see if “Full House” holds the same wholesome goodness as it once did. Personally, I think it will because I don’t think Candace Cameron Bure would play the role otherwise. I know she is very strict in her Christian beliefs.

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52 Dreams

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1. Master the art of patience.

2. Visit Hawaii.

3. Take my mom and sister on a trip, just the three of us.

4. Take each of my girls alone on a trip.

5. Show an act of kindness daily.

6. Take the kids on another Disney Cruise.

7. Actually be able to see my six-pack abs.

8. Have a dinner party under the stars with beautiful lighting.

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9. Renew my vows on the beach with the below song playing as my wedding song.

10. Have one of my blog posts go viral.

11. I wish to watch my girls grow into beautiful women.

12. Become a grandmother and great-grandmother.

13. Celebrate my 40th with Matt somewhere tropical.

14. Design a website from scratch.

15. I wish to finally be left alone from a friendship that I ended. I also pray that person will receive help and healing.

16. For God to heal my sister’s heart.

17. To love freely.

18. Live somewhere warm.

19. Own a beach resort.

20. Have a beautiful home.

21. Help kids in a foreign country.

22. Have an organic garden.

23. Make someones dream come true.

24. Eat my way through Europe.

25. Remain close to my family.

26. I wish to have daily time with God to grow my relationship.

27. I want to continually grow to become a better person.

28. Stress less.

29. Live in a foreign country for a month or two.

30. Fall in love, over and over.

31. Be supportive of my kids decisions.

32. Practice the art of gratitude daily.

33. Attend church on a regular basis.

34. Visit all of the National Parks in the United States.

35. Allow my friendships to grow.

36. Workout at least 3 days a week.

37. Become less critical.

38. Learn to use power tools.

39. Live in the present.

40. Limit my smart phone.

41. Volunteer.

42. Visit Europe.

43. Buy a new boat.

44. Own my dream car which is a yellow mustang convertible with black leather seats.

45. Learn to relax.

46. Spend a week at the beach.

47. Experience life to the fullest.

48. Make Jesus proud.

49. Let go of my baggage.

50. Love and dance through life.

51. Have my original wedding ring remade.

52. I wish my girls happiness and peace.

I would love to hear about your dreams. Please leave three of your dreams in the comments.

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