Baskin-Robbins Celebrates Ice Cream Month With Polar Pizza

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I received a free polar pizza to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins Celebrates National Ice Cream Month with Launch of Polar Pizza and Donation Program in Honor of the USO’s 75th Anniversary. So, my kids and I made a special trip to our local Baskin-Robbins to check it out. We just moved into our new home a few months ago, so this was my first time in the Hoover & 12 Mile location. As you can see from the picture above, it was so cute in there.

 July is National Ice Cream Month, and Baskin-Robbins is celebrating all month with the launch of its Polar Pizza, a donation program to support the United Service Organizations (USO) and the introduction of a new ice cream flavor, USO Patriot Pop®. The donation program and new ice cream flavor are in honor of the military nonprofit’s 75th anniversary and steadfast commitment to supporting our nation’s military throughout their service. Baskin-Robbins is also introducing a new July Flavor of the Month, OREO® Birthday Cake, and is offering a sweet waffle cone upgrade promotion to its guests.


Available starting July 1st at Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide, Polar Pizza, which is an ice cream treat guests, can eat like a pizza, is available in four delicious featured flavor combinations: OREO® Cookies ‘N Cream, Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate and REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cup, Jamoca® Almond Fudge and HEATH®, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Guests also have the option to create a customized Polar Pizza by combining a tasty Chocolate Chip Cookie or Double Fudge Brownie crust with their favorite ice cream flavor and any combination of fun toppings.

Before we even left the house we had a discussion on which Polar Pizza we were going to try. I didn’t want my kids arguing over which delicious treat we were going to choose. They finally decided on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza.

Keira trying out Polar Pizza.

Keira is trying out Polar Pizza.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pizza was decadent. The crust of the pizza is chocolate chip cookie; the sauce is ice cream. The toppings consist of cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, and frosting. Are you running out to Baskin-Robbins yet?



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Which Polar Pizza from Baskin-Robbins would you like to try?

Indian River Select Brand at Meijer Stores

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This post is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own. Indian River Select Brand

Meijer is now bringing the Grove to your table by carrying Indian River Select Brand! Indian River Select Brand is 100% Florida orange juice! Indian River has been growing and making orange & grapefruit juice for over 20 years. So, your local Meijer store is bringing a brand to your home you can trust.

“Our company is supported by employees and families who believe in making the best tasting, 100% natural juice for you and your family. As local growers, we proudly choose only handpicked 100% Florida premium citrus fruit. By using the best fruit, we ensure the finest quality products flowing direct from the farm to your table.”

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My family loves fresh squeezed orange juice. They love the energy that it gives them throughout the day. I can’t wait to head up to my local Meijer’s and pick some up for them. I love having them put healthy drinks in their bodies to fuel them for the day. Also, that extra vitamin C boost helps keep their immune systems up.

Here is a list of Indian River Select Brand juices!

No Pulp Orange Juice

Limited Edition HoneyBell Blend

Original Orange Juice

Orange Juice Plus Calcium

Valencia Orange Juice

High Pulp Orange Juice Gallon Size

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Ultra Slimming Grapefruit Juice

I can’t wait to try the High Pulp Orange Juice Gallon Size and the Ultra Slimming Grapefruit Juice. What juice would you like to try?

You can learn even more about Indian River Select Brand by checking out their website. You will find valuable coupons along with learning about these fabulous juices.

I bet you can’t wait to visit your local Meijer store to pick up Indian River Select Brand juices. Not sure which Meijer is closest to you? Click here to discover your local Meijer location. Your family will be glad that you did when you bring home the great fresh taste of Indian River Select Brand.

Captain Fantastic Review

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I received tickets to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Captain Fantastic

I was excited to check out Captain Fantastic starring Viggo Mortensen. I hadn’t seen Mortensen in anything in a very long time. Also, I was happy to see a grown-up movie. This film is rated R for an excellent reason. Viggo Mortensen is fully nude in a scene and for the language along with the adult themes. Yes, I wanted to throw it out there for fans that you will see Viggo up close and personal

Captain Fantastic is about a family that has raised their children away from society. They have created their little world away from anything else. Dad educates the kids, and they learn to live off the land. The family has a tragedy strike forcing them to leave the life that they had known and reenter society.

This movie will have you thinking about how we raise our children in this country. Captain Fantastic’s children are extremely well educated, but they lack social skills. There doesn’t seem to be a balance. Yes, sometimes I feel that children today are missing skills that they would need to survive in the real world because with current technology we have instant access to everything.

Also, this movie touches on mental illness. Mental illness has been a touchy subject for my family lately, with multiple relatives suffering from the same ugly disease. This film brings awareness to the subject, which I liked, so often we just want to sweep it under the rug.

Should you see Captain Fantastic? Yes, it’s a very thought-provoking film. The movie held my attention for the full two hours. Viggo Mortensen gives an excellent performance. I never quite understood why the film is called Captain Fantastic. It seemed like an odd name for the movie even after I saw it. I wouldn’t say it’s a fabulous film, but I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. My husband gave it 3.5 out of five stars.

Will you see Captain Fantastic?

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